How to develop your confidence and skills to safely grow, make and use herbal home remedies.

Before we dig into the details about this life changing program, let's talk about WHO this course is really for.

"Herbalism is based on relationship - Relationship between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet. Using herbs in the healing process means taking part in an ecological cycle". Wendell Berry, Novelist, Poet, Environmental Activist

Industry expert recommends

Tim Thomas

The Heirophant, ACT, Australia - B.Sc, Homeopath, Natural Medicine Practitioner

"When you want to start to build your health, resilience, and knowledge about herbal medicines, Wendy and Christopher are the ideal teachers. They have an incredible amount of knowledge about what works, what's a waste of time, and what's safe, effective, and sensible'. I highly recommend this course to you. "

Herbal Medicine Secrets is for YOU

💟🌿Enthusiastic Student, Dot Mangan shares... " I truly enjoyed it... very informative, easy to understand and full of surprises .I don't look at weeds the same way anymore ..." 🌱🌻 Here are 6 powerful reasons WHY this program is perfect for YOU!

  • You are interested in natural healing and having your own supply of herbal remedies, but it's been hard to find high quality guidance from experts that is easy to understand.

  • You might also be passionate about sustainable living, organics, and local food - it's a no-brainer to include your own treasure chest of home herbal remedies.

  • You want to have some in-depth knowledge from a Plant Medicine Woman. Learn about some of Wendy's much loved remedies she makes at her Clinic.

  • You want a successful growing outcome, whether you are a farmer or a hobbyist. You know Christopher's tips about how to grow and look after your plants and other horticultural gems will be a game changer.

  • You might not have your own patch of earth yet - maybe you are living in an apartment, travelling or renting, but you are hanging out to get started NOW. That's okay, you can make remedies with dried/fresh herbs anywhere.

  • You want to keep inspired, and share your experiences with a growing community of like-minded others - because you feel strongly about living lightly on the Earth, protecting and preserving nature and traditional Herbal Lore

Learn From The Experts

With 70 years combined experience in horticulture and herbal medicine, Wendy and Christopher love to share simple, safe and effective ways for you to benefit from natures healing gifts.

"One of the most enjoyable aspects of decades of clinical practice has been sharing with communities how simple, safe and important it is to have access to their own plant remedies.... It's so liberating to walk to the garden, or open the cupboard door to find home made healing agents. " Wendy Dumaresq. Western Medical Herbalist, Teacher/Healer, Writer, Speaker.

How Herbal Medicine Secrets benefits YOU

With a treasure chest of nearly 70 video's & documents about Herbal Lore at your fingertips, and more to come each month, you will never be short on inspiration.

  • Easy to learn and implement

    We focus on keeping it as simple, fun and as empowering as possible. One of the reasons why you may not be making your own remedies is that it can appear so overwhelming and confusing without expert guidance.

  • Heaps of Video's, Audio's, Text

    You will find a mix of video's, recordings with slides and text. We know there are many different learning styles and we want to make sure you have fun while you learn and grow your skills.

  • Save money as your make your own remedies

    The cost of organic, well prepared dried or fresh herbs can be high. Save $ by learning how to grow and make your own or sourcing them from a local grower.

  • Convenient 24/7 on-going access

    You can access our courses via your mobile devices or laptop/desktop. You can listen and watch anywhere it's convenient, stop and start when and where you want. Phew, thank heavens, no more being chained to a desk.

  • Support & Contact

    We LOVE to hear from you, and our email is there for you to be in touch. We want you to tell of your feedback, triumphs and challenges. It's important that you know you can ask us questions any time.

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We know that you will LOVE this course as many have before you. If, for some reason you don't, you have 7 days from first purchase to ask for your $ back. If we can see that you have gone through the course material and you are not happy with it, that's ok.

Big-Time Bonus : 10 of our popular Monthly Q & A, PLUS Private Facebook Group only for our Students

As well as the bonuses and curriculum listed below, you keep on learning with TEN of our popular recorded Q & A sessions

MORE Bonus Content

Not only do you learn how to make our Top 10 Herbal Remedies, you also get THREE amazing bonuses

  • How to grow from seed - Beginners Guide

    In this video, our resident Horticulturist, Christopher explains how, in easy ways you can start to grow plants from seed. This can save you a lot of money and give you a lifetime of gardening fun.

  • Herbal Teas/Infusions, the easy way

    For decades Wendy has shared with her patients and community how to make simple, easy, safe and low cost herbal teas/infusions. In this video learn how to make simple water based teas using the softer parts of the medicinal plants.

  • Make your own Herbal Decoctions

    Wendy shows you how to make water based decoctions from the more fibrous or tougher parts of plants. It's different to making infusions and easy to do once you know how.

Learn important Herbal Medicine Secrets

One Time Payment For 24/7 Access

This is the Sweet-Spot Where Herbalism Meets Horticulture

A unique and powerful learning opportunity with two industry experts awaits you.

Not only will you learn about how to make ten of our favourite herbal remedies, we will share with you how to grow or access the raw ingredients, as well as how to safely use these remedies.

Annie Bell

Registered Nurse of 50 years

"This Herbal medicine course is clear, specific and simple to understand for the beginner. There is no fluff here, it stays on topic. The format of the recording makes it easy to go back and forward through the information and not miss anything. I learnt a lot more about herbs from this course. Wendy & Christopher have done a great job here, making herbal medicine accessible to everyone."

Money-back Guarantee

7 Days to test drive

After you have enrolled and paid for your course, you have a full seven days from date of purchase to look and watch course content. If you can honestly say this course will not help you be more confident and skilled in knowledge about how to grow, make and use these herbal remedies, than we will happily refund your investment.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome To Your Herbal Medicine Secrets Foundation Course

    • How to use this course platform


    • SAFETY - plus terms, conditions, cautions.

    • Your MONTHLY Q and A for Students & NEWSLETTER

    • Privacy Statement

    • Links for - Fermented foods, Dried Herbs and Certified Organic Home & Body Care.

    • Climate Zones for global use, links, resources.

    • Soil testing

    • Herbal Medicine Secrets - downloadable poster

  • 2

    Nasturtium - Tropaeolum majus

    • Nasturtium - A quick introduction

    • Nasturtium Recording, Part 1

    • Nasturtium Recording, Part 2

    • Nasturtium - How to make a fresh plant tincture. Part 1

    • Nasturtium - How to make a fresh plant tincture. Part 2

    • Nasturtium - Monograph

  • 3

    Rosemary - Rosemarinus officinalis

    • Rosemary -Introduction

    • Rosemary Recording - Part 1

    • Rosemary recording - part 2

    • Rosemary - How to dry the leaves (from Our Youtube Herb Hacks)

    • Rosemary - Monograph

  • 4

    Comfrey - Symphytum officinale

    • Comfrey - an introduction

    • Comfrey - recording part 1

    • Comfrey - recording part 2

    • Comfrey - Fresh plant tincture of roots

    • Comfrey - Monograph

  • 5

    Cleavers - Galium aparine

    • Cleavers - Introduction

    • Cleavers - Recording Part 1

    • Cleavers - Recording Part 2

    • Cleavers - Monograph

  • 6

    Garlic - Allium sativa & Allium ampeloprasum

    • Garlic - An introduction, & extra video link

    • Garlic Recording Pt 1

    • Garlic recording Part 2

    • Making a Garlic Infused Oil

    • Planting Garlic Bulbs

    • Biodynamic Garlic Farmers - Kerrie & Dan's story and growing tips

    • Garlic - Monograph

  • 7

    Ribwort - Plantago lanceolata & L. major

    • Ribwort - A quick introduction

    • Ribwort - Recording Part 1

    • Ribwort - recording Part 2

    • Ribwort - Monograph

  • 8

    Calendula/Pot Marigold - Calendula officinalis

    • Calendula - A quick introduction

    • Calendula - Recording part 1

    • Calendula - Recording part 2

    • Calendula flower - making calendula cream and the infused oil

    • Calendula - Decanting the infused oil of flowers

    • Herbal Creams - How to get Christopher's amazing cream base

    • Calendula - Monograph

  • 9

    Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum multiflorum

    • Solomon's Seal - an introduction

    • Solomon's Seal - Recording Part 1

    • Solomon's Seal - Recording Part 2

    • Making Solomon's Seal root fresh plant tincture

    • Solomon's Seal - Monograph

    • Solomon's Seal - Purchase plants from Christopher

  • 10

    Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

    • Dandelion introduction

    • Dandelion - recording part 1

    • Dandelion - recording part 2

    • Dandelion Root fresh plant tincture

    • Dandelion - Monograph

  • 11

    Sage - Salvia officinalis

    • Sage - introduction

    • Sage - Recording Part 1

    • Sage - Recording Part 2

    • Sage - Monograph

    • Sage - Tim from The Hierophant (Canberra) talks about Sage

  • 12


    • Making a herbal tea infusion

    • Making a herbal decoction

    • Skills update - Sowing seeds made easy

    • And there's MORE for you - Monthly Q and A, Feedback, Your Questions.

  • 13

    Monthly Q and A audio & text

    • April 2021 -- Your garden/climate. HMS course time involved.

    • May 2021 - planting annual/perennial Herbs. Wildcrafting herbs

    • June 2021 Q & A : Q 1 - Two Herbs for your dispensary Q2 - Wildcrafting

    • July 2021 Q & A - Q1 - Turmeric growing, Q2 - Herbs for Respiratory Q 3 - No Dig herb garden surround structures

    • August 2021 Q & A - A first aid Remedy, and Spring Tasks for your Herb Garden

    • September 2021 - Q & A - Audio

    • October 2021 Monthly Q & A - Dead Soil Syndrome, & Oral hygiene

    • November Monthly Q & A

    • December Q & A - Pt 1, Herb Research, Safety. Pt 2 - Oxalis, the pesky weed.

    • March 2022 Q & A - Our First Herbal Treatments, Plus, Autumn jobs in the Herb Garden.

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You will have 24/7 access to course material

See the FAQ section below for more information. You can relax in the knowledge that you can take this course at your own pace, over and over again at any time on your mobile or desktop devices. It's also great to know that you will have access to our email straight away in case you have any questions. You are the ones who keep US inspired. When you sign up, you will be able to enter the private, hidden students FB group so you can start mixing it with your fellow home herbalists, share your wins, excitement and fun.


  • What are your CONTACT details

    Make sure you shoot us an EMAIL if you have any questions or feedback not answered here, or you want us to lead a workshop in your area. We LOVE to hear from you.

  • What's your refund policy?

    You have a 7 Day Test Drive. After you have enrolled and paid for your course, you have a full seven days from date of purchase to look and watch course content. If you can honestly say this course will not help you be more confident and skilled in knowledge about how to grow, make and use these herbal remedies, than we will happily refund your investment.

  • How to I get help when doing this course?

    That's easy, just email us : . We love to be in touch with our students, understand your experience of the course and help your get the most out of it.

  • Can I get a special price if I buy both of your courses together?

    YES, we love you to learn as much as possible so you feel more confident and have more fun. We BUNDLE our courses so that you can have the two courses together for one special price.

  • How can I learn more about WHAT herbs to plant and why?

    You can enrol in our course 'How to Make a No Dig Herbal Medicine Garden In A Day'. It's on this same website. You can see the details here

  • Do we get on-going learning from you as well as the course material?

    Yes, we keep your (and our) creative juices flowing by posting more details in several ways. 1) By adding more information to this course when it is appropriate. 2) We love to keep sharing information with you on the Students private FB group. To be in this group you MUST be an enrolled student 3) We regularly add video content to the Herbal Medicine Secrets YouTube Channel. You definitely won't be starved for empowering updates.

  • Is this course available globally?

    Yes, the wonders of the internet make this course available all over the world. If you understand English language, you will be able to do the course from wherever you live.

  • Do you still teach Herbal Medicine Secrets face to face workshops?

    Yes, that is what we love doing most. Even though there is SOOO much great learning and skills building with the on-line courses, It's always so exciting and fun to spend time with you at local events. Please contact us if you wish to have an event in your area of Australia or New Zealand. Other countries are possible when pandemic matters are solved.

  • Is payment secure on this site?

    We are located on the platform which processes payments via secure Stripe or Paypal gateways. Please contact the Thinkific support team listed at this link if you require their secure payment details.